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Resources for Teachers

Discussion Guide

Use this teaching guide in class or at home to spark meaningful discussions with your children about ocean pollution and environmental awareness, and how a change in attitude can make things better for the community around you.


Marine Animal Fun Facts

Find out more about the marine animals featured in Mirelle’s Mirror. 

Author Visits

An experienced educator and performer, Katherine would love to come to your school or community centre. Author visits can be custom-tailored to suit your age-group, timing, curriculum, and audience needs.

Mirelle's Mirror

Written by Katherine Wallace

Illustrated by Ella Elviana 

A humorous picture book about a delightfully vain mermaid, with an environmental twist, for ages 4-8.

When pollution stains Mirelle’s flawless tail, she must decide what’s more important — saving her good looks, or saving her beautiful ocean.

Available at bookstores across Singapore from March 2023; available worldwide from October 2023!



You are beautiful, inside and out.

– Katherine Wallace, “Mirelle’s Mirror”

Katherine writing